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Brands: Dr.Martens For The Free Soul


We love a company with a great set of values. Especially when its one like Dr. Martens, that comes with the legacy of shaping the human culture historically. In the year 1960, the quintessential working class boot was born from the marriage between one of the oldest British Shoe making businesses run by the Griggs family and a German doctor inventor who driven by a foot injury caused in a skiing accident, had an idea for a special type of air-cushioned sole.

However what was meant to be a purely functional, technologically innovative shoe became one of the most iconic and recognizable youth culture symbols. Making its beginning with the skinheads, the subculture that identified itself with the working classes and who couldn’t have chosen a more suitable boot to mark their affiliation. Then came the punks along with their angst laden rock music and psychedelic mohawks. Grunge, emo, goth – you name it and every subculture that has identified itself with the dark side of life and its deep hardships wore these boots to express their feelings, individuality and rebellion.

Working classes and youth tribes aside, Docs as they are widely known, have become a mainstay of the high street culture even after more than 50 years of being in existence. Generation after generation have found themselves taken by these offbeat yet classic and rugged shoes. Even if you don’t hold any strong issues against the mainstream society, you wouldn’t mind owning a pair of Dr. Martens boots.

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picture: yashimasangyo

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Especially since the concept of individuality and personal freedom is taken up a notch higher in the way these boots have been traditionally worn – painted, worked on, frayed, deliberately unkempt and open halfway to let the tongue hang loose. It is a way of asserting your personality through your dressing like none other. It is said that when you put your spirit into something, it shows through. Its certainly true for this particular product that is still going as strong as it was in the sixties through eighties.

Although in the wake of recent economic challenges, their proud ‘Made In England’ authenticity has come into question with the majority of the production moving East. Its needless to say that for a brand like that, quality is a huge part of the deal. Customers will sure give a lot of chances to a brand that they deeply care for, we just hope that this beacon of youth and rebellion won’t succumb to the surface challenges and will continue to remain the historic cultural icon that it is.

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Estd: 01 April 1960


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