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Power Shoe: Boots

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There’s something about putting on a shoe that wraps itself around the totality of your ankles and feet that makes you feel just a little bit more in control of your situation. You are instantly more confident, tougher and ready to take on the world and that’s a pretty good feeling to have. It’s no surprise that boots are the shoes of choice for bikers, riders and cowboys.

In the last installment on our series on women’s special bond with their shoes, we promised you a post on the perfection that is women’s boots and so here we are. Presented here is a crisp and concise list of every type of boot that you should think of owning as part of your wardrobe at least once in your lifetime. Sure, there are going to be one or two favorites that will be like lifetime companions but boots are such a category that each of its special varieties deserves a place on your shoe rack at least for some amount of time if only for you to experience its uniqueness.


Knee grazing and over the knee boots or thigh-highs as they are popularly called, is what we must start this list with. These sleek boots never fail to get the attention they deserve and if they are a good pair, its always the right kind of. But more often than not, its quite difficult to find a pair thats just right because you’re not just buying a standard foot size, you also need to consider how they fit the shape of your legs. You also need to factor in the right material as tall boots bend and fold much more with the movement of every walking step and the material needs to hold up and not crack. To say that they are a tricky buy is to say the least. So whenever you decide to buy yourself a pair of tall boots, make a conscious decision to get the best quality you can buy. They will pay for themselves over time.
picture: pinterest

Tall Boots Are Chic // picture: pinterest


Wellington boots or Wellies as they are popularly called are essential for when its raining out and you don’t want to spoil your good leather boots. Or for when you go hiking, camping etc if you’re an active girl. Made of good rubber, they are perfect for protecting you from the weather, water and mud yet keeping you comfortably stylish. Not exactly a fashion statement, these are definitely an important requirement.
Even Kate Middleton Wears Wellies // picture: marieclaire

Even Kate Middleton Wears Wellies // picture: marieclaire


 The boots that sometimes say independent and strong and other times maybe goth. Combat boots though quite masculine looking are often paired with floral dresses and uber feminine outfits to offset each other in a great way. Even when not worn in contrast, combat boots are a dependable and timeless style that you can turn to whenever you want to stand out in a crowd.
Fun Option: Combat Boots // picture: teliop

Fun Option: Combat Boots // picture: teliop


Falling somewhere between the murky ranks of a boot and a shoe, the cutsie bootie is perfect for that in-between weather chill that is also fondly called fall/autumn. Booties are the only kind of shoes that come both as sort of a sandal and sort of a boot, depending on how they’re designed like peep-toe or other cut-away styles. Worn best with jeans as a casual outfit, you can also pair them with stockings and skirts.
Cutsie Booties // picture: babble

Cutsie Booties // picture: babble


Ankle boots are high enough to just about fully cover your ankles. Because they already cut your leg at the ankle, they shouldn’t be worn with calf and knee length clothes. So except for three-quarter length pants and midi skirts/dresses, these boots go with everything else. In fact they are the only kind of boots that are as acceptable in the office as they are at happy hours. Suffice to say, ankle boots are an important part of any woman’s wardrobe.
picture: boomerinas

Gray Ankle Boots // picture: boomerinas


The ubiquitous boots that are originally worn by horseback riders are also pretty much worn by every fashionista in town. Riding boots are always exclusively made from semi-stiff leather and are at least calf-high. These are a stylish and snug shoe that feel like home.
Perfect Riding Boots // picture: overstock

Perfect Riding Boots // picture: overstock


Everybody has had a fascination with cowboy boots or with someone who wears cowboy boots at some point of their lives. Cowboy boots aren’t just any shoes, they represent a lifestyle and an attitude that even city folks can’t choose to overlook. When you hear your inner country girl calling out to you, pull on your pair and imagine yourself strumming a guitar in the meadows.
Can't resist 'em // picture: countryoutfitters

Can’t ignore ’em // picture: countryoutfitters


It’s only proper that since we’ve covered the country girl’s boots we should talk about the quintessential city girl boots. Uggs. Love them or love to hate them, better get used to them. We waited on the Uggs trend to die out a slow and natural death but they kept on going strong. So we chose to accept them. It’s also pretty hard to keep dissing them given how cute they look when worn with sweats. Get yourself a pair but please don’t wear them outside of a 5 mile radius of your house.
Uggs are meant for sweats // picture: pinterest

Uggs are meant for sweats // picture: pinterest


There’s something adorably approachable about these droopy sock like boots that say laid-back and easy going without much effort. Wear them with cute dresses or yoga pants. They lend themselves easily to all casual looks. Very flexible, you see.
Dress them up or down // picture: pinterest

Dress them up or down // picture: pinterest




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