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Wearing Your Coats Right


There is no other item of clothing that is as sharp looking as it is forgiving. Coats afford us to be just a little bit more careless with our holiday weight, comfortable in the knowledge that our trustworthy coats will easily accommodate a couple of extra pounds and yet look just as flattering.

That’s why its important to know which coat is ‘you’. Maybe all coats are you but there will be that one or two that mean more. We know. With that aim at heart, we’re here to assist you identify that dependable winter companion. But before we move on to coats, here’s a quick ode to TWO Jackets that no wardrobe is complete without. They were, are and always will be the ubiquitous fall staples.

picture: pinterest

The perfect wash // picture: pinterest



If you don’t already know, we love denim. What we love more than denim, is denim on denim or double denim. And when a nip in the air sets in, there’s no better go-to than a fitted denim jacket that lends itself to any type of outfit.

Get it in : a rugged medium wash




Balmain Leather Bomber Jacket // picture : polyvore

Balmain Leather Bomber Jacket // picture : polyvore


We also equally love our leather. Pure leather is the kind of luxury that only gets better with wear and time, like good scotch and fine wine. And there is no better investment than an authentic leather bomber jacket. It never gets old, goes with everything, gets better and better looking and is a complete classic. Few things come close to so much greatness.

Get it in: plain black or dark tan



Coming to winter coats, its good to remember that unless we have the capacity to splurge on multiple varieties of this garment, its important that we stick to basics. Rather than buying six mediocre quality coats, its wiser to stick to three basic but superior quality investments. Timeless classics that will carry all hues of outfits from ripped jeans to the little black dress. Here are the best choices –

Burberry Wool Trench // picture: lyst

Burberry Wool Trench // picture: lyst


Everybody’s got to have a Trench Coat. It’s as functional as it gets and is worn with everything from dresses to jeans. Burberry’s whole business rests on the Art of the Trench. It comes in both single and double breasted.

Get yours in: beige, brown, black or navy





Elie Tahari Wrap Coat // picture : thisnext

Elie Tahari Wrap Coat // picture : thisnext


This cozy thing comes with a shawl collar and no buttons, the Wrap Coat literally wraps itself around your body, giving you that snug feeling of being tucked in a blanket. You can tie it close to the body or loose depending on your outfit and the size of your holiday meals.

Get yours in: luxurious wools and rich colors




Classic Parka Jacket// picture: tchibo.de

Classic Parka Jacket// picture: tchibo.de


Originally designed for winter outdoorsy activities like kayaking and fishing, the Parka has become a must-have for anyone living in bitterly cold and windy weather. Fittingly, many Parkas now come stuffed with down and quilted.

This casual unisex coat comes with functional front pockets, fastenings and a fur lined hood to protect your face from harsh winds. A typical parka is military green in color.

Get yours in : the classic features



Kenneth Cole Pea Coat // picture: macys

Kenneth Cole Pea Coat // picture: macys


Originally worn by sailors in the Navy as part of their uniforms, this stylish and relatively shorter style of coat has evolved into a winter regular for everybody.

A typical Pea Coat is hip length and double-breasted and comes with broad lapels and slash pockets. It has a structured silhouette and clean lines that go with formal outfits and occasions.

Get yours in: any dark color and with military style metal buttons



Cape Coat // picture: pinterest

Cape Coat // picture: pinterest



Basically a cape or a poncho with sleeves. Sometimes the sleeves are properly defined but many times, they’re simply a slit in the front of the coat. Needless to say, this style is not easy to get around in and so is more suitable for fancy evenings and events.

Get yours in: whichever way you like. Think more fashion, less function.




Red Princess Coat // picture: pinterest

Red Princess Coat // picture: pinterest


A girly girl’s coat, this is every lady’s favorite. Fitted at the waist and billowing out into a full skirt, its an ultra feminine coat, perfect to wear on dates and such occasions. It can be anywhere from mid thigh in length to calf length and comes in all kinds of wonderful colors from pastels to brights.

Get yours in : knee length and pastel color like powder blue or pale pink



Gloverall Duffel Coat // picture: asos

Gloverall Duffle Coat // picture: asos


Another traditional coat, the Duffle Coat was born in the town of Duffel in Belgium, arguably from where it gets its name. Made from the double weave fabric of Duffel, a coarse and thick wool, it has a standardized design thats defined by toggle buttons, knee grazing length and two patch pockets on the front. The British company Gloverall is to Duffle what Burberry is to Trench.

Get yours in: a Gloverall, of coarse



Michael Kors Overcoat in Camel // picture: pinterest

Michael Kors Overcoat in Camel // picture: pinterest


A long and straight classic coat, the Overcoat or its shorter version, the Topcoat is perfect for those cold mornings when you don’t want to put much thought into what you’re wearing. Just throw on a pair of dress pants, a sweater and an Overcoat and you’re set. You can never go wrong with the Overcoat.

Get yours in : the ever-chic Camel

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