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You Don’t Have To Conform In Fashion


If you’re too much about rules in life, this is specially for you. Conformity has its somewhat questionable place in society in general but when it comes to fashion it should be made clear that there are no rules that apply. Fashion is an escape, a dream, a world full of beautiful things that let you seek refuge from the monotony of regular life. It is the only legitimate novelty in the primarily unchanging nature of our lives.

Why then should you introduce rules into such a wonderful and free world? Is it required? Is it our instinctive desire to control our environment? Or is it just plain old conditioning? You can’t wear this color with that, that pattern with this, don’t do this, don’t do that and on and on it goes. Fashion should be one area of our lives where we should be allowed to do anything we please, as long as (a) it doesn’t hurt anyone, (b) is appropriate for the time and place and (c) as always, makes us feel good about ourselves. 

And so, you do not have to conform in fashion. All those ‘rules’ that keep getting thrown about, here’ us debunking them. You may hear of more, but the basic premise remains the same: ignore them. We hope this will help you experiment a little and have more fun with your wardrobe!


Brown with black? Wear them. Black with navy? Even better. Pink with red/orange? Go ahead. Silver and gold? More the merrier. No one cares as long as it looks and feels good. And so far as we’re talking about the so-called dubious combinations, don’t think twice about wearing checks with stripes/ florals with geometric/ tie-dye with pin-stripes and such. Long story short, pair together anything that you fancy.


If big bold prints are your thing, don’t worry about standing out in a crowd full of subdued prints. Oh and God forbid, should you like horizontal stripes (gasp!). You wouldn’t want to look short and squat, would you? Forget all that. These are exaggerated ideas that hardly ever apply. Wear every and any pattern you wish to. For example, have you seen a lovely French lady in Breton/navy (horizontal) stripes? There isn’t a better sight!


Neutral for day, dazzling for night? How about the other way around? Great either way. Bling it up during the day or mattify for the evening. All goes when you carry it off.


There are so many of these accessory commandments that exist only to make our lives miserable. As long as you’re not a man wearing a suit to a black-tie or boardroom, you have to simplify and do away with the silly notions like – you can’t wear socks with sandals (of course you can), your shoes/belt/bag should always match (in Medieval times), you should always wear a belt with pants (try suspenders or better yet, nothing!), you should always wear socks with shoes (a little ankle never hurt anybody), you should match your socks to your trousers (please!).


Enough Said.


Diamonds, fur, leather. These do not need to be real, especially since they have a lot to do with personal values and beliefs. (FYI: there is actually no reliable way of ascertaining conflict diamonds).


Its true, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. But if simplicity doesn’t float your boat, there’s no point faking it. If you believe in more-the-merrier philosophy, by all means pile it on any way you want. We need more of you.

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